New York Marathon Final Preparation

New York Marathon Preparation

Today I was on a high I stood amongst the clouds and screamed out for joy. The clouds were floating over the North cliff ridge and past the water tower which Dennis Tabakin and I had conquered. Today was an important day for me for I had to complete four to five hours on the road. The distance was not too important it was the time spent on the road just being able to run and walk for five hours was important training for the marathon.

My ultimate goal for New York is under five and a half hours if I do this I get automatic entry to the comrade’s marathon for next year which I will be doing with my bio kinetics trainer Justin Jefferies. Dennis collected me from our home in Orchards we then left at six thirty from Old Eds sports club. Four hours later we stood proudly high on top of the ridge overlooking the Johannesburg suburbs as the mist rolled in around us. Dennis had hurt his foot the night before we set out so we walked a lot of the way, I would run ahead and turn around to meet up with Dennis again. Once we could see the tower standing high amongst the clouds Dennis told me to run up and turn around come back down to meet him then the two of us would walk up together. Okay I say and off I go, after about five hundred meters of the most difficult uphill I have run I think wow serious Dennis but I cannot stop and let Dennis down so I run and I run and I run and I run  the road gets harder and steeper. I feel this road is going to break me but it can’t break me for I lay motionless on the side of a road for many hours into the evening and I lay in a coma for many weeks. This little climb cannot touch me truthfully though it tried but it could not.

I get to the top turn around and run back down to meet Dennis we then walk up and we reach the top. We touch the tower together and celebrate in victorious style. Dennis then tells me how proud he is of me and says he feels I am ready to conquer the New York Marathon. Wow I am thrilled and I start to cry again, this was easier than what I thought it would be so now next week I run 32Km with my guide Lauren and that is my final training session for this great marathon. Thank you Dennis, Achilles international running club and all those who have supported me on my journey to New York. In less than three weeks Ange and I will be in the USA I cannot believe it is so close now and how so many people have made this possible for me you all know who you are thank you so very much.

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