Time and the River

Time and the River

A river is born high on a mountain above the clouds pushed up through the earth it races downhill through the misty slopes it gathers strength and flows viciously into the ocean. Gravity allows this mighty beast to flow with power and strength it gets to the ocean its ultimate destination and spreads out like the wings of a butterfly as it awakens from its cocoon for the first time. There was no other path it could have taken except downhill this was its only way.

Our planet spins on its own axis round and round, like the river it too is stuck floating through what we call space spinning and trapped in its own orbit around our energy live giving sun. Around and around it goes. A wrist watch like and old grandfather clock will tick on as long as the battery or the machine is in order unlike our earth and the river it has no need for mechanical machinery to allow it to flow or spin it just does so as it should.

A humans life is similar to that of time and the river excepting there is one great difference; Time will eventually end for us our river will not be reborn, our life will not continue timelessly as the earth does. Time and the river are reborn at every end there is a beginning. Perhaps for us our end is actually our true beginning but we can never know. We certainly can have our faith and believe but in truth no one knows. I was at my end my clock had lost its mechanical motor and had stopped but it was repaired and started to tick again it was restarted and reset it is now ticking strong and flowing fast. I have been given a new start and so I shall take this opportunity to flow as mighty as the river I shall circle the energy ball of life again and again and as I spin I shall do my best to allow others to restart. I will use my new battery to give hope to others and perhaps they too can help others to restart. TBI is my powerful battery and it is strong.

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