A Hard Day at the Office

A Hard Day at the Office

TBI hits us survivors in many different forms and at the most inappropriate times often I do not know I have been struck by this difficult injury until too late. Today though was different as I started getting ready early this morning long before the sun had risen in fact I don’t even think it was morning yet but I was up as I could not sleep anyway.

It was Wednesday and I was going to my Headway class which is the highlight of the week for me and I did not get there the week before so I guess I was just very excited. I get dressed in the dark and get to the kitchen to make a sandwich. I thought there was chicken left over as the bowl was still in the fridge I take it out and nothing the dish just stares at me with a blank look. Empty there is now no filling to make a sandwich so here comes the first of many atom bombs today Kaboom! Ange is awake and now gets the second blast. Ange had done nothing as usual she was just there trying to calm me down which usually works but today was like no other. I am on chronic medication for this reason I don’t know what would have happened if I had not been on my meds perhaps something like the fridge would have found its way into the pool or I would have blown Africa away. Not too sure but it would have been bad I know that as I have heard stories of my explosive ways. Three hours later we are off to headway where the car almost becomes the next vehicle which carries the explosive material. Anyway the day at headway is bad and I feel the bomb is unwrapping itself so I leave halfway through and run home to try sleep.

There has been no real indication the bomb has been launched until this day so although it was dropped many times I did have warning bells ring even if they were split seconds before the explosion. Never the less they were there so I will take this and be happy knowing that I am starting to understand the ring in my brain is a warning bell not a cow bell around a cow’s neck who is crossing the road.

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