TBI Stole my Glasses

TBI Stole my Glasses

Living with TBI is difficult there are a number of issues which bring me and those special people closest to me down in a split second. One small odd moment gets me and my atom bomb explodes – boom it’s all over all those around me are wounded and hurt. For this I am so sorry but I cannot help these bad moments. The other issue I have are my freaking glasses. Due to my TBI I have to wear glasses now mainly for my right eye due to my brain injury the signal does not get to where it should go. I have no clue what the specialists talk about but it is something to the above description.

Memory loss is the reason for my discomfort I call it my gold fish and I for a goldfish has a memory of twenty seconds mine is from a second to whatever not sure. Once I leave my computer I have to change glasses so I get up and place them somewhere now I cannot remember where I have put my other pair…somewhere out there. Now I have devised a plan to put the set I take off close to where I was wearing them that way I will find them easily but do you think I remember to do that-not a f… for I do not remember what I was doing twenty seconds ago and they are gone. So it’s both pairs in the wind. Once I lost a pair for over a week until I found them only after I stood on them, oops. What is my answer I have no clue perhaps in time my memory shall improve but I thought it would a year ago so that’s that idea also in the wind. I am fine with this problem for there are far greater problems I face. Firstly I have to defuse that freaking atom bomb.Other issues are all part of this devastating injury TBI sucks.

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