Countdown to New York City

Countdown to New York City

28 days

Lying quietly next to Ange last night suddenly she screams out with joy and jubilation “in less than a month we are in New York!!!!!!!!” Wow I say is it really happening? Of course it is exclaims Ange we are leaving for New York City soon my baby. Wow I cannot believe it I just kind of forget about these things. Now suddenly as if in a dream my brain wonders across the city all the pictures I have seen show me enough to know of the greatness of this place I am running 42.2 kilometers through New York City. I never knew it was so big or so long 42.2 kilometers! Then I think in just over 1 month I have to run this distance I must be crazy or mad or  brain damaged, oh wait a minute I have a brain injury maybe that’s why I am running 42.2km.

I lie here now at 3:30 in the morning as sleep is still an issue for me I light a cigarette and think (yes I actually thought) ha-ha I think again well maybe I shouldn’t really be smoking if I am running a marathon. I have no taste or smell but smoking gives me a feeling of taste so I do it. TBI has allowed me to run the New York marathon and get my most beautiful and amazing wife to this great city where we can live out one of Anges dreams-to have a hot dog right there on a street corner whilst the amazing sounds and hustle of the people pass by. Ange has to be there as my caregiver if not I will be running the chilly derby in India. So now the countdown for us has officially begun. I have two guides running alongside me one American lady and my bio kinesis so I will do just fine I hope I do not let them down or all the great people who have sponsored me to actually do this great event. In truth though I will not as this is my platform to start helping others who suffer from this most devastating injury so I will make it to the end I know I will. The sun is up now so maybe I should get to bed

Thank you to all the amazing people who have made this trip possible I will not let you down.



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