My Dearest Ange

My Dearest Ange

Two years and a few days ago you sat quietly at my bedside waiting for your love to awaken from that most difficult day which was nearly his end. As I lay in a coma far away from you I must have somehow known you were right beside me. I know you knew I was coming back as you told me that whilst I was in another place my eyes shut and my body still you noticed tears running quietly down my cheeks. You knew then that I was there just needed time to heal at my own pace. You were the gate keeper of me and would only allow visitors in if you felt that I was in a good space.

Two years later you are right beside me, you are now more than just the gate keeper you are my pillar of strength. Each day the sun rises to greet us you go off to work with a heavy heart not knowing if I will be okay today and you constantly call to see how your broken love is doing. My TBI affects not only me it affects you in fact it is so much harder for you than it is for me. It is as if there is a heavy weight placed upon your shoulders. It is difficult but you are always there right beside me.

I know I do not thank you enough as my brain does not allow me too so I would just like to say to you that you blow me away each and every day. You are my rock star and the love of my life I am nothing without you. Thank you so very much my dearest Ange I love you more than all the stars and I promise to you that I will be the best I can to get you through this most difficult time. You are so brave and so very strong.

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