Life and Death

Life and Death

Do we truly understand the value of life or do we just acknowledge its wonderful power once we find ourselves in a place close to the end of its mighty energy. If we are in that moment where the end is near do we fear death, do we actually know of its might, do we?

I was at deaths door but as I knocked it would not open for some reason death denied me entry. The harder I knocked the larger the door grew until I turned around and walked away. The strange part of being at deaths door unintentionally I might say is that if we find ourselves there and it does not open we have to walk back all alone to a different world which we knew before. The world for me had changed once back I knew very little of life itself only after many, many months did I start to understand life’s great power and might. Only after many months did I understand that I had indeed been to a place very few can actually venture into. I did not know who I was or what road I had travelled. I knew nothing of me or my life I knew nothing of my accident or my past.

I have had constant thoughts of the great mountain range the northern Drakensberg. At a certain part of this mountain there is a silhouette of a lion it is known as lions head. My dreams were of the lion watching over me and it seemed as if the lion opened his eyes to watch over me whilst I lay still and badly injured beside the tar road just out the view of passing motorists. After two years the investigators and a witness say that it was an old vehicle which knocked me off the road. The incident happened just as the sun had set so I wonder if it was in fact the dim orange lights of the oncoming vehicle and not the lion’s eyes which have remained deep in me.

The fact is that I will never truly know but I will always believe it was the lion which was watching over me as I took my lonely walk to deaths door. One fact I do now understand is that death is just dark and empty life is where I want to be so I now treasure is almighty power and value each day I am alive.

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