Soul Fire

Soul Fire

Deep down in a broken man’s heart there is a fire burning a hot glowing fire which cannot be extinguished, cannot be silenced. This fire is burning hotter than ever nowadays it is burning hot for he is stoking it with unknown amounts of energy which burns hot to keep his body strong and keeps him from breaking down into a puddle of shame. This man will not lie down and be silenced he is strong and standing tall. This man is stronger now than what he has ever been in his life before.

TBI is an injury which silences all other injuries it knocks not only the injured down but those around it too in fact it knocks them down even harder over and over again. Once I realise I have been knocked flat it is extremely difficult to get up again. There is now a drive so deep and burns so hot it is now extremely difficult for TBI to knock me down flat to the ground, it does try often in fact it tries and tries but it cannot.

Yesterday Ange and I were at the USA embassy to apply for our visas to enter the great country for my attempt to conquer the New York marathon. “How will you manage to get there and be able to live if you cannot work” asked the embassy representative? Ange proudly tells the focused woman that I have TBI and I will run and complete the marathon. Ange says we have started a Backabuddy account so that people can donate money to make this lifetime event possible and tells her that the donations we have received will make this trip possible. This will allow my husband to achieve one of his dreams that is to be able to help others who are struggling to get up from TBI. Five minutes later the interview is over and we are told that our visas are approved we may get to New York and proudly complete the marathon!

Ange you are my rock star! You just allowed my TBI to guide you and you did it well done babes.

Thank you all for allowing me to get to the marathon I am still in needs of funds for my Bio Kinetics.


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