What If

What If…What Then

What if Ange and I find us on an aeroplane flying across an ocean as part of a team to run the great New York marathon… what then? Well this is becoming a reality just one item left to do and that is our visas once done and dusted we are officially on our way.

If Ange had not started and got our Backabuddy account off the ground none of this would have taken place. Ange herself has contributed so much to allowing me to run the marathon I am so proud of my wife Ange is really my rock star this woman does not give in easily and continues to fight for my TBI cause. All the great people who have donated to my cause just blows me away, everyone knows who they are and if I start naming people it will take a while for there are about seventy donors to my cause-to give TBI a name to show all that we are just injured and we will heal.

There is one other special lady I would just like to thank personally that is my sister Nicole. Nics said we will get you there no matter what it takes and her and Ange certainly did, they just continued to push and ask all the people they could to just please help get this broken man on board that plane to get to New York so that he can complete the marathon and by doing so he will be able to help others. Well one item left to complete that is the confirmation for our visas which get s done on Wednesday the appointment is booked and all the paperwork has been completed. Ange and I will see if we are allowed entry into the USA, no reason why we shouldn’t be but one never knows. All our expenses have now been paid for just our food but at least we are getting there. Until the visa issue is sorted and complete we cannot say we will see you shortly New York City. I must say though the excitement is setting In and my hard work will soon begin which I cannot wait to begin with.


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