Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider

As we turn off the lights and silently rest our heads upon a soft pillow darkness takes over and it’s our time to rest after a heavy day. This is the time for the night creatures to wake and begin their hunt for dinner. No matter where we rest our head there is an insect we would rather not be close to but they are there.

The other night as I slept peacefully I felt a creepy crawl feeling across my face as if there was a huge spider which had lost its footing from the ceiling above me and had now found a warm landing place which was my face. As what would seem like a spider landed it walked as quietly as it could from my left ear across my cheek over my nose and down the other side. I thought I was now deep in another place a dream or more like a nightmare. Perhaps it had not actually fallen but had purposely dropped from its lair to chase after its dinner which could have been a cockroach. It could have been so as in my dream it did feel as if there were two different sets of creepy feet scampering across the now battle field. Oh well just a scary night mare one I’m sure we have all experienced. I wake in the morning to find a lump of dead matter squashed deep into the right hand side of my pillow, also there are eight hairy five inch stick like spikes prodding into the air, oops it was obviously not a nightmare I must have rolled over as I had felt the thrill and squashed this quite large spider.

… well thinking back now in my nightmare it seemed as though I only felt one set of tippy toe creepy footsteps scampering down the right hand side of my cheek so now where did that cockroach go perhaps the cockroach found refuse in my mouth!!!


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