Three days now and there is no sign of light yet in fact there will not be any light until Tuesday morning. Our power was cut just before the long weekend so now it is a five day night party oh wait I forgot there is no power so there will be no music. No party then well maybe we will just braai and get take outs for food and try not killing each other whilst the other sleeps. I don’t sleep too much so the likely ness of me doing the killing is great, well they have power in prison so that will be just fine for me- hope I can take my computer along.

I basically stay at home five days of the week just keeping quiet and doing my thing. This week I cut down a big tree in our garden which had to be removed and instead of getting a company in to cut down the tree I saved us money and did it myself. All was going fine until I was told at what a mess I had created but a certain person did not see the entire picture as it was still work in progress and the clean-up had already begun. Now money will be spent to remove what I had starting doing in the first place and there goes all my fire wood which would have been nice to have.

Staying at home for me is just fine I keep myself busy I have a vegetable garden which I treasure and keep wet and in good shape until my chickens got there and mowed the veggies flat in about one hour that’s just fine the veggies will grow back. And my broken brain and I can watch the new sprouts shoot The benefits of TBI sometimes a little time in the garden is just so good. Whilst I am in the garden my computer is charging as writing takes up most of my spare time I watch very little television. Writing for me is important it does a lot to fill my mind. Now though we have had three days of no power and I was told it would be turned on already but I know now it is a long weekend and with Johannesburg City power things do not happen over a weekend never mind a long weekend. If I did remember that it was a long weekend I would have tried to go away somewhere with my beautiful wife and thus denying the law of placing me in a four by four cell.

I now realise how important power is for us and I do know that without it life gets tiring for both me and others. It is difficult living in a suburb with no power amongst others, life becomes extremely small. I have found a way to charge my battery on my computer but I ran the vehicle battery flat as I just forgot about turning the car ignition off after charging phones and computer…damn. Oh well life is still great as I am alive and this long weekend will pass eventually …I hope.

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