A Broken Man Can

A Broken Man Can

I saw a man a broken man; he couldn’t walk, run or talk he couldn’t think or smile.                                           You wouldn’t say he was broken for he looked just fine                                                                             almost as if it was just in his mind but still I never heard him whine.                                                                                                                            I knew a man a strong man; he could walk, run and talk he used to smile and those around him would be happy and laugh but he was unable to do this for a long while.

I see that same man who could not run or walk or smile I saw him run more than a mile.                                   I saw him smile and make all those around him smile.                                                                                             I know this man he is not so broken after all.                                                                                                                  He just had to heal to be able to think again and really understand how to feel.                                                  I know him well he is a friend of mine he has indeed a broken brain but now I see he is just fine.

This man just wants help others to be able to get up and smile again even if it is just for a short while. If they can smile then perhaps they will also run a mile.

My friend was broken he fell hard he got up though just because he can, this broken man can.


In life we all fall down but we have to get up again for if we do not we will stay down  And no one can truly help us better than what we can help ourselves .When we get up we have to stand tall with all parts of us the most important is deep within us in our minds. This is where we are often still broken we feel sorry for ourselves and cry. Shame poor me why me why, why, why well it happened so get over it carry on with your life the best you can, do not drown in self-pity. I say this as if I know everything but I do not and others have fallen a lot harder than what I have, I see it twice a week at Headway my rehab centre. Damian is a fine example of a man that will not lie down he stood up and stood tall he is a hero to many including me. I heard him speak he told us his story and wow what a journey after his accident after he was introduced to TBI he met a fantastic woman they are married and are happy. He was a broken man too and he can so he did and now so will I.

Thank you Damian for giving me and others so much.



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