Face Me

Face me

I saw a face one day a man’s face, a brave but sad face.

We passed one another walking in a crowded place and all I remember is his angry face.

Why in that crowded place would I remember one particular face?

Perhaps I saw myself, in another time in a different place

Perhaps I had to leave that angry place to see my true real face

I asked myself the question why, why is it I would I leave that time, that place

To really be able to find my true happy face.

Why would I leave and then come back.

Perhaps it was because it was me I had to face to see my true face.


In life we all make decisions we would regret later do I regret leaving my wife and going away to find what I was truly looking for? Yes I have regrets but for a different reason not because of my accident but because I always walked away too easily, too quickly. The accident happened and changed me forever for good but it was not the accident that would change me forever that I regret, yes life is now extremely difficult for me or more so for my beautiful wife and for this I apologise each and every day. I apologise for what I cannot give her anymore and for the burden I have placed upon her shoulders but Ange always says to me please do not apologise. I love you for who you are I have always loved you actually but even more now as you have left behind parts of you  I did not particularly enjoy. Ange said to a friend as I lay deep in my coma she will take me whichever way as long as I lust wake up from my coma and smile again. Wow my true love Ange is so brave and strong I get most of my strength from her and for that I am truly blessed. I love this amazing woman now and forever. Thank you Angie for all you do and all that you have done for me.






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