My Broken Brain My Book


This is the story of a man who by no fault of his own was involved in a hit and run. After being left for dead on the side of the road in a quiet area he miraculously survived.   This is my story.

My beautiful Wife arranged for all to meet at the hospital in Nelspruit Ange would meet them in Nelspruit everyone rallied together to get me to a top hospital for the proper medical care. This was necessary as my injuries were vast and death was close, whilst been airlifted across the country I was brought back to life many times. My greatest injury was that of a blow to my head leaving me with traumatic brain injury (TBI). This accident changed my life in so many ways but the most important change to me was the change within.

The brain is the part of our body which keeps our story, a journal of our time here on earth it is a true part of all stages the diary of our life. This is the area where no damage is visible – the brain it is the part where the real damage actually lays… this is where my injury hurts me the most it is not the pain but the loss of my diary the story of me which evades my deep self which now is a distant memory the lonely side of T B I the invisible injury.

I started writing my book fifteen months after my accident once I realized that I could write for the first time; writing is new for me and helps me deal with life. Writing helps me

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