Did you Ever Have a Dream or Two

Did You Ever Have a Dream or Two

Words from one of my all-time great singers/songwriters David Bowie this artist was certainly ahead of his time. His personality and songs could just not be understood take space oddity or life or mars. Floating in a tin can… if I have to try to remember all the words and his songs I would have to Google them for they too have been placed deep in the abyss. When I was a young teenager I think it was David Bowie that dominated the free space on my bedroom walls only him and no one else. This post is not about Bowie though it is about the words of this song.

Did you ever have a dream or two? No is my answer for once I was safely out of my coma and back to where I thought our home was I could not dream anymore, I do know that I would always wake up in the morning thinking of many dreams I had played out deep in the evening but now they were gone. Just like most of my past life…gone. This is strange though for how do I remember that David Bowie was one of my all-time greats or how do I remember that I used to dream each and every night for I generally have no memory of my past I have no clue but I am now waking up with a memory of a dream even though it is a split second of some sort of memory of something I do know that I had at least one dream during the evening perhaps it is that I am now able to sleep through the evening. The same as if I am walking somewhere and a person calls out my name I walk close to this person and there is truly nothing, no memory what so ever of who now stands before me. Once they talk to me then there is usually something there well most of the time.

Agreed he was very weird and freaky also… yes but he was just great I think so for now I will take Bowie as my all-time favourite for when I listen to his music I really enjoy his lyrics and his tunes.


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