TBI will Take New York

Tbi Will Take New York

A loud sounds shrieks across the heads of seven thousand runners it the PA system being switched on and a voice is about to tell all the enthusiastic runners the race is about to commence. I am excited and I kiss my love goodbye I will see you later I gently whisper in her ear I also tell her I am so very sorry for shouting and being so freaked out this morning. A car guard was bugging the heck out of us and I just lost it so there went the early morning happy place Ange was in.

Just another ordinary day in the life of my beautiful Ange where all is good until Bevan explodes. I do know how to just screw everything up in a split second. Well we walk one kilometre or so to the start and meet a good friend of mine there he will be running the five Km race. The starter’s pistol now sounds and all the runners bolt off from their starting blocks. I am on my way my first twenty one, a half marathon. I have run further before but not in a competitive environment such as this one this will test me and see if I will be able to run amongst the fifty five thousand runners at the New York marathon. Today here there is only seven thousand but still a big crowd and plenty noise the perfect set up to see if I can handle this kind of excitement.

We are off, the first five is awesome there are so many people, plenty of people to chat to so I talk and I talk and I talk every runner that passes me gets a piece of Bevan whether they like it or not they just get a mouth full I eventually notice that the runners come past me in groups now and they run past faster and faster my poor guide Lauren. I also notice by the ten km mark that Lauren is now further ahead of me she is usually an arm’s length away but now she is two or three away. I think my talking is getting to her but Lauren just laugh’s and motivates me so much she is really an awesome guide has so much time and patients with me. There Is now four km left and the injuries from my accident have spoken they are really upset with me and are trying their best to break me but they can’t as I have now shut them out by the 19 km mark  I am really sore but soldier on. We get there now safely to the finish the love of my life waits for me her face light up with joy as I cross that final line. I make it in good time and receive my medal I am ecstatic and now I do truly know that I will conquer the New York marathon. This is a good day for me I am ready.



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