My Road to the New York Marathon and Beyond

MY Road to the New York Marathon

For my caregiver (which is my wife) and I to get to New York City to be able to partake in this once in a lifetime event I need all the help I can get as I cannot work and 80% of Angie’s money mostly goes to my rehab and bio kinetics. Ange has to be there to help and guide me if she is not there I will not make it home in one piece.

I would firstly wish to thank all the great hearted people who have donated money to my Backabuddy account and our savings account to make this possible so thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your kind donations are such an inspiration I will do my best for the rest of my life to help others and just know that without you this would not be possible.

I just would like to say that this is not only about me and my pleasure in running 42.2 kilometers in New York this is about a man that was broken he had fallen hard. This man lost all his past life’s memory he cannot walk properly, run couldn’t talk, think, sleep even know who he was all of his body parts from head to toe were severely damaged. I had to be locked in the house for if I wandered out the gate I became an infant and would get lost and land in trouble. Justin Jefferies has given me the opportunity to run the marathon as part of my healing process. By doing this I will have leaped five years forward so basically this is about getting me strong again to be able to look after myself and grow out of my infancy. I am using the marathon to show all that TBI can be beaten and I am dedicating my life to helping others to get up again.

I sat down this morning and looked through the donations this is how it is:

We have received donations from approximately 70 donors here is an approximate percentage of all the donors which to me was very interesting to see.

  • Unknown donors(Facebook friends, friends of Nicole) total- 53%
  • Old friends – 12%
  • Close friends of my family – 10%
  • Ange’s friends – 8%
  • Ange’s family – 7%
  • My family – 5%
  • My close friends – 3%
  • Other – 2%

I look at this and I know why it is so difficult to raise funds for any type of event. When we first started on this mission I assumed the total opposite. Ange worked so hard to get this together I tried but my broken brain would just not allow me to do much. If it weren’t for my sister and Ange this would not be possible. Thank you all who donated I will not let you down. I am extremely emotional as I now write this so I cry and cry I am ecstatic for the unknown and forgotten and kind of hurt and broken for the known and closest. This is the first part of my journey now my hard work begins which I will do with plenty rehab and love which I shall hand out in heaps and bounds.



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