My Name is Abel – a South African Story

 Book number six

My Name is Able – a South African story

Stuck indoors Able was getting restless this young man had the Saturday afternoon off and now he wanted to get to the dusty field and meet up with his close friends to play some soccer. The summer rains poured down without any sign of an end. Able was becoming depressed his free time was coming to an end and he would not be able to meet up with his home boys. Saturday is his day off well at least the afternoons are as he had to complete his chores but here in the Highveld the thunder would roar every afternoon as if called or summoned by the gods.

He now knew that their dusty field would be a mud pit this is just fine as long as he could get some time away from his drunken father. Sunday should be a rest day too but Able was beaten to a pulp if he did not do as his violent father asked. Able was now sixteen he had taken a beating most days from this monster they call daddy. What a load of crap he thought why I have to respect a man that beats me at every opportunity he gets. At first it was only when his dark father would be drinking which in any way was a daily habit of his but now days it is all the time. He felt as if he was a punch bag just there so this monster could release the anger which would drown him constantly. Why the community has so much respect for him is beyond his knowledge. Able was extremely smart whilst attending his dilapidated school he would achieve top marks in fact he was a genius. He was a genius but it meant nothing to his father, his father was his nightmare but this actually drove Able to achieve top marks for he knew that one day he would leave this shack and be at peace. The higher his grades the greater were his chance of becoming a man that could start his own family far away from his drunken father.

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