My Destiny Awaits

My Destiny Awaits

Ange and I were sitting close beside each the evening before my birthday the 11 September when Ange talks to me of the money still needed for the final payment to get us to the New York marathon. The last payment due before the end of Friday the 15th this payment is the last of three to cover flights accommodation visas travel insurance etc. all the important issues. I hold my beautiful wife’s hand and tell her that somehow we will find a way.

I had planned to approach companies to try raising the money needed to get us there for I cannot work or drive anymore. Ange is the only one that is working and brings an income home which is now spread thin as most of her hard earned cash is spent on her injured husband to pay for the medical bills not covered by our medical aid. I decided a while ago that I need to get up and help bring in an income, help pay bills. There is one huge problem regarding my thoughts on how I can work and bring home money as a husband should do. The problem is the next day I had forgotten most of yesterday and all my great ideas were placed deep into my dark abyss. I am not a person who will lie down and be a charity case I am giving my life helping others that have fallen to this great injury the invisible injury which leaves no visible scar but places such a heavy load on those close to us.

The New York marathon is the start of my journey which I will travel well. My dream now is to help many ordinary people who are broken to be able to get up and conquer this devastating injury TBI. My heart is filled with love and strength to all of those helping me to help others.

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