A Birthday to Remember

A Birthday to Remember

Two years ago today I would be just an image of myself lying alone in a bed in a hospital. In reality though there were plenty of people around me my beautiful wife and all the nursing staff. Ange had brought two cakes to the hospital one for the day staff and one for the night staff Ange had brought two as she would be there every day and would greet the night shift staff as they came in to work too she would stay until they forced her to go home and get some rest.

Today though I remembered it is my birthday and I hope that by this evening I will still remember it is indeed a day of celebration. Last year’s birthday went by as quick as a flash and there is not much to remember in anyway it too has been placed into the deep, dark abyss where the rest of my life lays deep and quiet waiting for one day to be remembered. Just waiting for my broken brain to heal so that they can be invited back to celebrate my great life. I do know that in truth they will not be coming back they shall stay there and be content in their darkness.

My life has certainly changed every move I now do has to be carefully worked out before doing whatever I want to do. One good example would be to just walk this is a major issue and tires me out in a flash. Running is also difficult I have almost been run over many times so now I have to look left, look right and look left again before crossing just as one would teach a young child. Happy, happy birthday to me and thank you all for the birthday wishes, my next part of my journey will be New York I will run as a disabled runner and be representing TBI. I will have two guides running with me so if I do not finish I will let them down and all of us who wear the hidden injury so I will complete the New York marathon in style – a good birthday present for me. Thank you all once again for the donations all your kindness will be used to show the world that TBI is just an ordinary injury and we are as ordinary as the next person.

I am still short R12000-00 for my last payment which is due by the 15th September please try once again a small donation from all will get me there.


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