Dear Keegan

Dear Keegan                                                                                                    7 November 2014


BORN 17 MARCH 1997













The day you were born, I met a man outside the hospital selling his goods, plain simple stuff, and a plain humble man trying to make a living to feed his family.

I spent some time talking to him and learned an important lesson – life is what it is, sometimes you do what you have to do to survive.

You cannot change who you are, you can change your path you travelling, your surroundings, your goals, your dreams, you can change the way you live your life but you cannot change who you are.

You are born you and that is why you are special.


That day I bought a copper bangle to remind me of the day you were born, I put it on and promised myself to wear it always then give it to you the day your son is born.

However after ten years of wear and tear it broke in half and was lost. It hurt me that I had lost this simple bangle which I held so dearly close to me, should I rather have put it in a safe place and given it to you on the birth of your son… maybe, but I chose to wear it, when it was gone I was sad and cross but I was happy and pleased at myself that I had used this simple bangle to keep me strong whenever I found myself in a bad place I felt your strength and remembered what I had thought the day you were born – the best day of my life !

Wear the copper bangle, don’t lock it away waiting for a day many years in the future, wear it every day of your life, your life is a journey, there is no end, nothing you can’t do, live the journey your way and enjoy it.

For the new guys coming into this big world you must be there for them to look up to, to guide and give inspiration. You would have been given a great and important task.

I know you will succeed in this challenge.

Well done on all your achievements, and thank you so much for looking after Camryn she is fortunate to have you in her life.

I will always be there if you need me.

One last thing – be a better father than I was.


Love you




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