Forty Two Kilometers Strong

Forty Two Kilometers Strong

This week I ran like Forest Gump, I ran and I ran and I ran a total of a marathon. I now know I will complete the New York marathon even if it takes me a week I know I will conquer the mountain which lies before me. I can do this and I will do it properly – the benefits of my broken brain my TBI is difficult for my loved one and I but it will not stop me from living a great life.

Before my accident running a marathon would have never ever been on my to do list I would not even have wanted to a marathon any way. I recently saw an old picture of myself and I just thought how I ever got that way wow I had a proper beer boep, I never had a six pack I had a barrel! I was with Ange and my kids when they showed me this picture and I asked them why they not said anything I asked curiously, a moment later all at once they frowned and said we told you many times but you said I am just fine. We all laughed out aloud thankfully the only memories I have of those days are pictures and I still have no idea of who I was yet another TBI benefit. Soon I’ll be participating in my first half marathon twenty one kilometers so I will have a better idea of how it feels to compete amongst other keen runners.

New York is becoming a reality now it is just around the corner soon one of my wife’s dreams  will become a reality – to eat a hot dog on a busy street in this great city. We have tried to make this a reality but as normal life just takes over and it always becomes next year but now I will treat my beautiful wife as I had been promising for so long. I know that Ange has to be there as my caregiver if Ange is not there who knows what will go wrong I would assume the absolute worst this is the sad reality of my great injury, the invisible scar which never heals and is a constant battle. My neuro surgeon has a simple way of describing TBI he says I am an infant again and I now need to learn how the big wide world works.

Although we are just around the corner from departing to the USA we are still short for the last bit the final payment. The Achilles management has arranged accommodation in the city at a good price but it is still a huge sum we need to pay and this needs to be done by the 15th September. Truthfully I don’t know how we will do this as Ange has already put all our savings towards this trip but I do know that somehow we will manage. I have to do this marathon to show all those who have TBI that if I can do this then they can get up and be strong.


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