Headway Friendship Circle

Headway Friendship Circle

My introduction to HFC was a trick by my beautiful wife to just get me there to see for myself what headway was about. Ange knew I would not go to a supporters meeting, why would I go I was just fine… well in my mind I was. The fact is that my broken brain as I call it will never be the same ever again in my life. This is not a bad thing in fact for me it is great, I have been rewired rebooted and so now I start again as an infant but a forty seven year old infant who has knowledge of life an infant that is extremely street wise.

Every month , the first Thursday at 6h30 a group of us will get together to share our stories and to just be able to understand a little bit more about this invisible injury, the one which is more devastating than all other injuries. TBI and other brain issues whether it be an aneurism or any other brain sickness or injury it is all the same it just f…. one up changing them and their caregivers in an instant whether it be your mom, dad, sister, brother, wife or husband in fact the one closest to that person with an acquired brain injury or a TBI their life has now changed forever they now need to take care of the infant until that person can actually take care of themselves. I think life is now so much more difficult for them than what is for us yes we are broken but so are the ones close to us. With this type of injury a brother or sister will really just walk away and get on with their life not worry or help not even go visit the brother which has fallen to this invisible injury, which is really very sad. The Headway Friendship Circle I think is about the caregivers more that it is for us who carry the invisible injury.

As I sat at the last HFC I just listened to others talk and say what they needed to say, also met a new lady and her mom recently they had also been introduced to their new brain. I listened to a sister that fights each and every day for her sister she fights so hard but the injury to her sister is hard on her too, she will never give up and I know she will always come to the HFC as it is just a great support system a place that all the caregivers can just talk to each other and understand all the hard parts of this invisible injury. Thank you Jann for all you do for us you are a blessing and you give us hope and a great fighting spirit.

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