TBI…Whats That

TBI – What’s That

Saturday evening I pack my bag I will be away from my beautiful wife for a couple of months at the most as a friend called and said he has a project for me in Hoedspruit it has been priced and he has been awarded the contract the only issue is I have to be at the client on the Sunday morning as he cannot do the contract. Great I will be there before ten am I say but will have to travel on my motorbike this is just fine I think as I have always wanted to ride to the Lowveld on my bike anyway. I tie a bag with the minimum of clothes to the back of my seat Tomorrow morning before the sun rises I shall head towards Hoedspruit to start the project. I glance at my motorbike I have not planned this too well everything just seems strange and not well packed. That thought quickly disappears as I say to myself I am off early for a good opportunity to make some money and also to be able to think about my future plans and that satisfies my thoughts of the not too well packed motorcycle.

Six months later I hear the project went so well the owners were ecstatic and wanted me to do more work this will not happen as I have just been released from the Oliver Tambo trauma ward at Milpark hospital. I have spent over two months there sleeping deeply in a coma. I cannot work anymore and I don’t even know what date it is I think the hospital is my home and everything is okay. You have a TBI I get told… I am officially introduced to these three strange letters Huh, what’s that I reply. TBI??????? Traumatic brain injury you were involved in a hit and run and had to be airlifted to Milpark the neuro surgeon worked extremely hard to save your life, you were in and out of consciousness you are a lucky man. What! I don’t know what on earth the doctors are talking about. Life for me is just fine I think. In reality my whole life has changed I have no memory of a past life it is as though I have just been born. So now I am off to work which is actually a day at my rehab centre at Headway. Tbi and I are just fine… Not really but I am alive so I will take that anyday.



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