Thinking of a Lifesaver

Thinking of a Lifesaver

Whilst lying in bed too many times my mind wonders across into the mind of another. This man is special he has the heart of gold and many ordinary people depend on his great abilities to save their life. This man is the man who saved my life many times brought me back from a cold lifeless body to the warm spirited man which I now am.

I do not know this man in person as I have never met him. Yes he has met me and knows me well knows all my bits and pieces; this man knows my soul he knows things about me which I do not even know. This great man does not want reward or a great purse at the end of each month all he wants is a thank you just now and then. A thank you which I have not yet done, a thank you from a man who had been knocked down flat, broken and torn apart who is now strong enough to think many, many times of this great man that saved his own life.

When simple, ordinary people have been knocked down and need help to get up again I am hoping that once they are up and in good spirits that they too can thank those strong warriors who saved their lives. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank MalcomĀ  for putting all his strength into myself and for working so very hard to bring me back from the deep, dark abyss. I know I will one day meet this man to thank him in person to just shake his hand and give him back a little strength so that he may continue on his journey to save many, many others in need. I would also like to thank all those in this difficult industry they find themselves of saving lives, so thank you all very much may all of you live rich lives knowing that you all have given and give so much each and every day to the ones in need.

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