Meeting a Hero

Meeting a Hero

Today I received the telephone number of a man I have been wanting to meet for a very long time, in fact for two years I have wanted to meet this man but could not as my Broken brain would not let me for when I think of this man and the brave deed he did just moments later I had forgotten. This is typical of the injury which nearly threw me into the deep abyss. The deep abyss of eternity the place where only the ones who have left us know of… a place we cannot see or know until it is our last moment here on earth.

TBI- my TBI does not allow me to think for too long of one thought it comes and goes as quick as it is there.  I have thought of meeting this great man many times I know of this but only recently has my broken brain given me the opportunity to think longer than a few seconds of a single thought so now I am able to follow through and to be able to act on a great thought which I had. I now arrange to get the telephone number of Malcolm and so I contact him. I tell him that I am Bevan and he was asked by Clint to board a helicopter to get to Nelspruit and to go save a life. Malcolm gets to Nelspruit and travels through a provincial border to collect the now dying man. Once he arrives he finds me in a cold room I have been placed there as I am dying and the little rural clinic cannot save me. I believe this was the first time I was brought back to life by Malcolm it did not end there and as I was flown to Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg he brought me back many, many times.

I now get the opportunity to meet this man and I shall be meeting him in the morning. I hope that I can hold the tears back but I am sure I will not. I am now nervous and I play the scenario of how he looks and of what will transpire as we talk through my mind whilst I think of the moment my stomach turns but I am excited.

After I meet this man I will be on to my next great event of my life this will be the New York marathon once completed my new life will begin that of helping others to get up again. I do still have one big problem this is to raise the last of the money needed to get me there so that I can show all that TBI will not break us who suffer from this great injury. I need your help to pay the final payment before the fifteenth of September please help to get me there.

I am so close now all your contributions are greatly appreciated thank you all so much.

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