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Today Thursday 31st August Ange dropped me off early this morning for my lesson at Bio Kinetics I will be there for an hour and then I sort my own way home as arranged with my beautiful wife. I have made this agreement with Ange so that I can become independent which is good for my self-esteem. This works well and I have been able to get home safely for three weeks now I catch two taxis and run twice between taxis to get home a total of 2.2km. Yesterday I arrange with my daughter Cammy that I will come visit her at their home in Bedford view. I will run there from Orchards Cammy works out the route and says it is a bit far its sixteen kilometres. That is okay I say as I need to train and I need to get longer runs under my belt.

I leave Bio and my first taxi drops me at Grayston drive in Sandton I now need to run to Sandton City to catch the next taxi home but there Is a problem the taxis are striking I now have to start my run home from Grayston drive which is fine. I am nearly home and I remember I told Cammy I will run to her house oh no I think but I have told |Cammy I will see her there, I cannot drop my beautiful daughter so I by pass our home and continue on to Bedford view I run over Louis Botha road and towards Sylvia pass. I get to Sylvia pass and run three quarters up I am now tired I stop and look back through the clouds far in the distance I see Sandton and realise for the first time what I am doing. I carry on running I pass Eastgate shopping centre I run over the N3 highway and I am now in Bedford view. I think I have made it.

Cammy lives at the other end of Bedford view I still have 5km to go I run and I run I get there and she is standing at the gate. Wow I feel proud for I made it all this way but most important I did not let my daughter down. We work out my distance I ran 26km from Sandton to Bedford view now I know I will complete the New York marathon. Now I just have to raise the balance of the money I need to get me there which I will do. I can and I will.https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/lets-get-bevan-to-the-new-york-marathon


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