I See You, I See Me

I See You I See Me

Look at me what do you see

Do you see a scary, broken man does TBI scare you so much you will not come visit me

I see you and I see me, I see what you cannot see.

I saw a broken man, I was that broken man but now I am free

I see through new eyes now what I see is scary I see you but you don’t see me.

Unlike you I have no issue with what I do

Yes I do feel the pain and the heavy weight each and every night.

I have no issue with the pain the weight it does not bring me down

All I do is frown for what I see is the scary parts of you not me.

I am lonely but just fine for what I have is my wife she is my life.

I see you I see me but do you see a man broken and damaged. If you cannot see this man as an ordinary person that has overcome a brain injury which by the way is an extraordinary injury to overcome. Do not pretend that you care for me for I will tell you that you are blind and do not care to take a few moments from your busy schedule to just visit and say hi. Is it too much to or too much effort to come over and say hi. Look at me with your heart and just be honest …not to me but to you. If you were damaged and broken I would be there for you lucky it’s me for I am strong, stronger than ever and I will overcome my loneliness . Life for me is amazing loneliness is just a part of this great injury and I accept it. My broken brain is stronger than before it has shown me so much.

I see you but do you see me.

Two months from now I will be in New York city I will run 42 km I would never have done this in my life but now I can and I will conquer this great mountain in my stride.



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