When is it the right Time

When is the Right time

How do we decide when it is the right time to perform the correct deed or behave in a certain manner? Do we change what we actually wanted to do in the first place to just pretend or to show people around us that you are a good person or that you fit in with the ‘Jones’. Do we act out in a manner which is not our true self?  In my mind there is never a right time we just do what we do for that is the way we are born yes we are born a certain way but we all have our way of doing whatever we do and that’s okay.

I have recently seen life through different eyes, yes I was knocked down and brought back to life many times perhaps this is the reason why I see life differently. Perhaps it is that I suffered a major blow to my brain damaging all four quadrants I have been told by my neuro surgeon that I should not be walking or talking in fact I should not even know I am alive. I damaged my brain properly did a great job in changing my life forever. Just like that I am the same person but different, as the love of my life would say ‘same, same but different. I live each day now I try my best to be my best, not that I did not before my accident but I have now the realisation to know of how life can be over in a split second without you even knowing it. I also see other people and I see how pretentious they are how they do certain acts in such a way that they think they are doing a good deed but in reality my reality why they not did this many years ago before it is too late.

I will never know of their thoughts or why people are so pretentious but I do know that I do not want to be that way. I know TBI has given me an opportunity to be better. My life now is about helping others that need just something to get up again; I get great satisfaction from this. I do not want empathy from others but a visit every now and then would be so nice from people I used to know so well. It is amazing how alone one can actually be when they have fallen. I have accepted this and understand that they all have their own life to live but it is so sad. I would certainly care and try just be there when they have fallen, it is maybe just a good, nice way to be.

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