TBI and i are Strong

Training at Justin Jeffreys Biokinetists

TBI is my Stength

This week I Ran over thirty kilometres every day I ran and ran and Friday I ran 9.4 kilometres just to finish the off week strong. Well it was not like that at all I never planned a long run. Friday morning after my Bio class Justin Jefferies asked if I would like to do an exercise with all the staff but I was now too tired and turned his offer down for I need to catch two taxis home. Between the two taxis I have to cover approximately four kilometres on foot. I had made an agreement with Ange that she would drop me at Bio and I would arrange my own way home. This way I can start to become independent and so would alleviate a small amount of the heavy weight I unintentionally place upon my wife’s shoulders.

I catch my first taxi this covers six kilometres or so I then have to run to Sandton City to catch the second. Before I catch the second taxi my mind starts to talk to me about turning down Justin’s offer and I feel as if I have let myself down as well as turning down this offer I feel weak and slightly upset. I get to Sandton and I feel good so I decide to run further, I skip the second taxi and run I now realise I am off the taxi route and the only way home now is on foot. As I run I feel my hips and ankles become painful. I felt this pain when I ran the Wings of Life World Run once I passed the 5km mark I was in real pain but I continued on and made 9.4 km. I continue running and I allow the pain to motivate me eventually the pain becomes part of me and now fades. I arrive home in good spirits and cannot believe that I had run most of the way. I phone Ange to tell her I am home safe and ask her to Google my route to check on my distance.

Ange calls back I had run 9.4km the exact distance in my first competitive run I feel so excited that I had conquered the pain and had got home safe, I then run to the mall and back an extra 2km. I know the New York marathon Is 42km which will be a mountain of great pain but I know I will complete it and I would have then started my mission to live the rest of my life helping others who themselves have fallen down and are struggling to get up again. TBI cannot stop me I am strong and I am alive.

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