My Dearest Mom

My Dearest Mom

I walk to the mall to buy goodies as my great father helped me out with some money so now I can buy groceries for the family. My dearest mom used to transfer a bit of money each month for me but my mommy has left us to continue on her journey to a place only she knows this is okay as we will catch up again one day. It has been a while now since I had money my bank balance was              R 00, 00.

The other day I spoke to my dad and said that my mom used to help me out with some cash Beryl used to name it the disability fund and it was our secret my dad just laughed and said he knows of this; my parents had no secrets we then just laughed. Well I get to the mall and I am in a different zone I am happy and I feel good that I can now purchase a few groceries and a small treat for my beautiful wife. I leave the mall but have to turn back a couple of times as I just forgot to buy what I wanted to…Grrrrrr this TBI can really be a nuisance at times. So I am finally on my way back and as I walk I talk and I talk I always do this it is like there is two of me and we have the most amazing chats to one another. Suddenly I remember my dear mom and I think why am I talking to myself I will talk to my mom.

I am always thinking of my mom we used to talk every single day without fail we spoke about everything my mom could tell how much I was hurting that day the second I said hi she just knew. If I was in real pain I would wait until I felt better before I called her but as usual my phone would ring and it was Beryl. After a while of trying to hide my pain mommy would just say what’s wrong? Beryl knew me so well it was as if she felt my pain. I also felt her pain one of the reasons I called her each day was that I could sense that soon we would no longer be able to speak so I made the most of her time with us. Now though I will speak to her every day as I used to as today we spoke and my mom told me it is okay and why did I wait so long.

Thanks mom I love you more than all the stars.

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