Joy and Love to All of You

Thank you so Much

Big thanks go out to all of those that have opened their hearts in helping a broken man get to New York for the marathon and allow me to be a TBI warrior to show others that they can get up and be strong. I find it so amazing how suddenly life becomes so unexpected. One day we are knocked down and struggling to pick ourselves up but we find a way and thrive on the unexpected. We are suddenly faced with the most difficult challengers but for some reason we overcome them. I am overcoming my challengers; I have help from good people many of my donations come from people I do not even know also friends I have not seen for many years and friends of our family. I often sit in the dark thinking of all of those special hearts that have helped me. I sit quietly alone and wonder how I can pay back all this goodness given to me.

Actually I know exactly what I am doing with the rest of my time I just wonder of what the best ways will be to get started. I am giving my life to helping others I want to motivate people who have fallen and cannot get up in whichever way they fell I will use my TBI to help others. My life has now changed completely I have not driven or worked in over two years as I cannot. I arranged my own lift home from Bio Kinetics the other day as Ange had to leave for work once she dropped me so I told her I will take a taxi home as I need to start being able to give her the break she needs so badly.  My TBI is more painful for Ange than it is for me it affects the people closest to me more than it does me I am now starting to understand this and I will try alleviate the great pressure I unintentionally place on my amazing wife’s shoulders.

To be able to just get to and fro is an amazing achievement for me it is as if I have been given permission to venture out into the wild world. As if I am an infant again and I have to behave in an exceptional manner otherwise I will be in trouble. Once I have completed the marathon I would have started my journey to help others.

Thank you all so very much for your donations I will do my best to help as many broken hearts as I can.

We have just made the second payment one more to go our funds are now empty please help me so i can help others.

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