All you do is Talk Talk

All you do is Talk Talk

I know I should not laugh but I do… I just asked Ange to give me the heading of a new post before I had written down a single word all she could say is ‘all you do is talk talk’. A few days ago in South Africa was woman’s day a public holiday a time now for Ange to get some rest and sleep in late. What this means to me is just keep as quiet as possible and allow my amazing wife to rest. Me keep quiet okay I shall ask my TBI, my broken brain to just shut up for a while, please brain try keeping as quiet as possible for the day, do it for Ange. Well that did not go down too well probably 5 minutes or so…sorry Ange Bevan keeping quiet just won’t work.

The other day at rehab (Headway) I told the class I would not speak for the entire session I will be keeping quiet.  Others can get some talk time in for a while I have told all many times that if they talk I will keep quiet and just listen therefore they will get a well-deserved break. Unbeknown to me some one in the class timed how long I could actually keep quiet. After three and a half minutes I had given up and had now started talking more I guess just to make up for the time I had not spoken.

I do know that I talk too much and I also know this is one of my new parts of me which is caused from my TBI. Well I will take that as life for me could and should be a lot worse I am walking and I have all of my body parts in working order. Even though they do not work as good as before my accident I know through my Bio Kinetics with Justin Jefferies things will get better. Also I have been given the opportunity through Achilles running club to complete the New York marathon which I shall do so life could be worse, a great deal worse… I could be dead.


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