New York Marathon Preparation Difficulties

Preparing for the New York Marathon 

Ten weeks and I shall be amongst fifty odd thousand runners attempting to complete the forty two kilometers. Actually 42.2 km don’t forget the last two kilometres and two hundred meters they all say.  Non Runners tell of the forty kilometre marathon, wow you ran a forty kilometre marathon. No it is forty two point two kilometres. Do not forget that last bit for it is the hardest.

So today is a new day for me, a new start as I ran at Bio Kinetics, did all my exercises in good form and I have started on my third phase of medication so life once again is on the up for me. Walking out of Justin’s studio Ange says to me of how proud she is that I am doing so well with my training. What awesome words from my beautiful lady. As i leave i think of all the students that help me there too thank you to all of you. You guys are helping me to stand up again. It is extremely difficult for me to now achieve goals and targets before my accident I just got on with whatever I set my mind to but for me now it is difficult. Yesterday’s thoughts have been placed into that deep, dark abyss so the reality of the ‘target’ has too disappeared.

Understanding the past day is a great loss to me although there are some small hints of what happened yesterday the truth is it has gone it has just about disappeared. The targets and goals are therefore not a priority the priority for me is to just heal as best as I can so that my lovely lady can just get through one week or even a day without the great weight I place upon her shoulders. I do know this is such a weird goal but for me it is a lifelong ambition now it is the one great task I have, just to give back what I have taken.



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