So Close for New York

New York Awaits

Today I ventured out from the safety of our home to train on the road with my new running shoes. My son and I had driven earlier in the week to measure out a five kilometre route so I could train on the road away from my treadmill. I managed to run a kilometre and then my lungs closed up again I have been to Doctor Dave and we are trying to solve this but it is hard to run when you cannot breathe. Training is therefore difficult but I have to get distance under my belt so I carry on but I slow my pace to a fast walk. I complete the five kilometre route and do an extra kilometre just because I can. I return home and now I rest.

Later that day my wife returns from work and we talk Ange tells me the next payment is now due the problem is the money we have managed to bring in is short…way short and now we have to find a way to pay the last two payments. We have a plan to cover the balance of the costs for our trip to New York but this means a loan which will have to be paid back. This is just fine as we do accept that it is going to be up to Ange and myself to come up with the balance actually Ange. We will have to just find a way and we will repay the money we loan once we return. I have also completed my first book; My Broken Brain but this is still far away from being published as I still need to find a publicist and, and, and.

We still need the following to get us there:

2nd payment due now

Last payment 15 September

Visas, Bio kinetics, balance of my running gear and the hidden bits which we will basically have through our loan.

Total we still need is approximately R 35000-00.

Please help us to get there I will be there not only for the NY marathon but to show all that TBI is possible.





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