Seven Hundred and Thirty Days

Seven Hundred and Thirty Days

Two years; seven hundred and thirty days later and here I am alive and strong living life the best I can trying to be a strong survivor of a TBI. Wait what the heck am I saying I’m not trying anything… that sounds silly. I am a strong survivor I am extremely strong I have overcome a brain injury I damaged all four quadrants of my brain in fact my front left lobe still has non active parts of it which seem to be dormant. What this means in medical terms is that it is quite a miracle how I function each and every day and I am getting stronger and stronger. To survive a brain injury is quite something it is amazing how the brain actually does heal the moment it gets damaged it starts healing and as it heals it rewires itself as best as it can. Sometimes the brain can actually rewire itself differently it creates new pathways to survive so in doing this it changes the person it changes it’s host in order to be the best it can be basically it changes just for survival. My broken brain has rewired itself and is becoming strong.

I am a strong survivor of a TBI I know that I can still not work or drive or shouldn’t even walk to the shops on my own but I do. So there are parts of me that have changed so I am a different man as my amazing wife says; same, same but different. So what the message I get is that my TBI has shown me and others that after such a most devastating injury we can still get up again and in fact we are even stronger than before our accident happened. I guess we just all need to figure out and understand that we are now different, that we have changed but we had to change to survive.

Our change is difficult to adjust to but I think it more difficult for those people close to us to understand and adjust to. My amazing wife and my two kids and one of my friends are perfect examples they have taken my injury and helped it to make them strong. Maybe they are just not judgmental and understand that this great monster is my fight and all they are doing is standing right beside me right where I need them. Thank you to all of the people for not giving up on me and for being so amazing and strong not for me only, but for you guys too.

Right now I am struggling to come up with funds even though Ange has taken out a loan to cover my rehab and therapy it is still difficult. Thank you to Alan and aunty Cheryl for their donation and to all that have helped.

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