TBI Two years Strong Today

TBI Two Years Strong


On this day two years ago my life would change forever I would be on the bad end of a hit and run I was left on the side of the road just out of the view from passing motorists. The sun had set and I was badly injured but for some unknown reason I was found and taken to a rural clinic where I lay dying. I received medical attention at two am – my golden hour became nine odd hours where I was brought back to life for the first time. How I made it I have no clue I do know that I was not going to leave this world without a proper fight so here I sit living proof that anything is possible.

Two months in a coma, two years in rehab and I still cannot work or drive If I could take back one day of my life would I take back that traumatic day? No I would not for I believe my accident has made me stronger and it has allowed me to really appreciate life, I am alive and I love life. I now live each day as it is my last, yes I am disabled or so my tax invoice says but I just feel so alive and grateful for those special people who actually felt all my pain and got me back. The one day I would take back is the day my dearest mom left us to continue on her journey. That is my pain that is my great hurt.

I managed to scrape through matric and received an F on standard grade for English, I have now completed my first book and I am currently busy writing my fifth. I have a blog that has now over thirteen thousand views. There are people from forty odd countries around the world that read my stories. November 5th I will be running the New York marathon and my dream in life is to help others who are struggling to get up from whatever knocked them down.

There are many other opportunities and aspects of my life which I have been able to enjoy and will still enjoy due to that lonely destructive day I had my accident. I cannot and will not allow TBI to stop my journey.

TBI cannot stop me I am stronger now than I have ever been, ever. Thank you Ange you are my rock star I love you. Thank you to all of those that do so much for me and for allowing me to live.


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