TBI Taxi Time

TBI Taxi Time

How can TBI stop me if I allow TBI to be my drive, my strength, my energy? Today I had to get to the doctor to check out my lung issue, I am struggling to get past one kilometre in my training for the New York marathon, I am strong my muscles are there I know I will complete the marathon but it is my lungs which are just not allowing me to get to where I need to be now.

So off we go to my doctor Dave. Ange and I get there and he is not in his office yet I know Ange needs to get to work but I do need to see the doctor now so I make a fantastic suggestion. I tell Ange she must go to work now and leave me here at his gate; I can run home for it is only six kilometers back to our house and I will call when I reach home safely. I know Ange does not want this to happen as she is worried I get into trouble Ange cares for me and understands how I am so her not wanting me to get my own way home is granted. Having said this I am a man and I need to be able to get into the world again and besides if I can get around safely then this will alleviate a small part of the huge stress I place on Ange. So it is I see Ange’s face and eyes stress out but I also see her acceptance of me just wanting to become self-sufficient. Ange leaves me there and gets to work whilst still on her way I call her and tell her I am back in Norwood, where we live.

What a great experience I ran part of the way but I had a bigger need this was to catch a taxi, a taxi in South Africa is a minni van it takes about eighteen people and this could create a problem for me. A crowded area with nowhere to go if there are problems then it is bad but I am fine. I talk to everyone in the taxi and I loved every minute of it I just felt so comfortable and free.

Thank you my beautiful Ange for letting go, for just allowing me to take a first step into the world. Thank you for all you do for me and caring and worrying so much about me. Just know that I am okay and that when there is a problem around the corner I will be able to walk away and take care of myself. I love you Ange have a great day. My broken brain will not stop me… ever.

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