For Marco

For Marco

The other day Liezel, my ex called me with a sad and heavy heart to tell me of an old family friend who had been shot in his face whilst at work at his office in Kyalami. He was now lying in a coma in Milpark hospital, my hospital in the same trauma unit as I was. My good friend Jason came for a visit and I asked if he could please take me to the hospital so I could just visit. I know I will not be able to speak to him and I know that in reality he does not know what is going on even when he wakes up in a daze he will know nothing. Perhaps in a few weeks he may understand that he too walked away from the Grim Reaper, he too denied this powerful beast of his prize.

We arrived at the trauma unit when a bright smile greeted me it was Princess the lady that took so much good care of me whilst I lay in a daze there. I asked her about my friend whose name I had now forgotten. Princess eventually figured out which patient I was in fact talking about and asked me if I had his strong wife’s permission to see him I said no and that I just came to ask them how he was doing and that they please take good care of him. Of course she said Princess then asked me of his wife’s name so she could call her to ask if I could indeed see him. Her name I thought there was nothing just then she came around the corner and her face brightened into an awesome strong smile she hugged me and we spoke. I remember this amazing woman but there was still no name it was okay and we spoke I told her to be strong for her husband for he feels her energy as she sits next to his broken body whilst he heals. I told her that she should be strong for her first as her husband is now on his own and that the way I remember him he is strong and he will get through this. Just then their son walked closer and he too greeted me with recognition, I had nothing but I did recognise his face perhaps it was his father I saw in him.

In times when life gets difficult we need to stand close as a family and help each other to get through this traumatic time. Those two will need each other to be strong for one another they have strength in each other and together they will be strong for that great man that needs to heal now. All my energy is your way all I have I am sending to the three of you great people. You will all get through this rough time and you guys will come out stronger than ever.

Princess at Oliver Tambo Trauma Ward

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