We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

Fact; there are billions of stars in our universe. Fact; there are drawings drawn throughout our knowledge of the human race of stick figures and similar where certain figures have abnormally large heads. There are drawings of odd shapes and sizes and of weird star like similarities. True it is not clear why they are drawn this way or in fact why they have been drawn at all but they are there. The Bushman has drawn them, the many tombs have these drawings all over their sacred walls, the Australian Aborigines have them, the Incas have built temples which show many sketches etc. All have spoken of the ‘gods’ throughout our history it is all there just have a look and you shall see.

Yes I know you will say I am watching too much national geographic I do watch plenty shows about our universe I have seen all the UFO shows- which don’t really interest me too much I do think ninety per cent of that is just hog wash but there is that small ten per cent or let’s say one per cent of something that just cannot be explained. As the human race stepped from that cave and swam across that river they discovered new land, new life they discovered. And so now we continue to discover we do know that there are millions of planets which could hold life perhaps one of those planets is much older than ours and they have evolved and have now stepped from their cold cave and swam across the river many, many years ago and discovered the human race.

If you hold out your arm out pointed towards a dark area in the night sky and notice the size of your thumb nail that area it covers holds more than ten thousand earth like planets just floating in our universe orbiting their own sun, their own life energy source. Our world as we know it now is tiny. Wait a few years you will all see how large and full of life it actually is I know as I have been there I have been all over I have traveled far and our world is about to become so much larger. I cannot disclose how I know this but whilst in my two month coma let’s just say I had visitors. He, he and we are not alone.


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