TBI Issues

TBI Issue

TBI, my TBI I have come to realize that whoever is in front of me at the time of my explosion is going down hard…real hard there is just no off button when I explode. For some reason anger is the most terrifying emotion I feel in fact it is one of the only true emotions I feel the rest are there but they are not like anger. I cannot understand this beast as it is launched. I have been put on medication now but there is no sign of any change yet, perhaps in a month or two I shall land on a quiet strip somewhere on a beautiful island where I cannot harm a soul through my verbal explosive attacks.

I do have reason for being angry sometimes just as in an ordinary world people piss people off and usually a constructive conversation occurs and they would then sort out the issue or walk away saying something like ‘let’s just agree to disagree.’ With myself though I just don’t get it if you push my button I can generally keep it in and walk away but I tend to bottle up all these emotions for when that particular person or people and I have another altercation and then the beast is exposed and all hell breaks loose. I bring all the unresolved issues along with me and at some point during the argument or discussion I just don’t know what the heck I am on about and usually a few minutes into the “discussion” I just have to walk away as I am now tired. I do know that it is usually simple matters that get me to boiling point it is people that just don’t get me and my broken brain. This seems strange and is as I look fine so therefore in your mind I am but seriously you know I have a brain injury. It is fine I know that one of the difficulties from my TBI is understanding that I must just forgive those that don’t get it, just walk away and let it go… easier said than done though.



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