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New York Marathon

The New York Marathon has become a reality in six weeks or so I shall travel with my most beautiful Ange on this incredible journey I will run amongst fifty thousand other competitive runners. I have another mission this is to meet a stunning woman at the finish line once there this amazing woman can look up to me and see the strength she has openly given to a broken man Ange can see that I am possible that TBI will not break us it is bonding us and making us stronger. My aim is to complete the marathon in less than seven hours I have never run a marathon before and I now live with a TBI so I know this will be incredibly difficult but I can do this. My training has been difficult so far as I do not have the correct running kit. I have been training with an old pair of sneakers which past their sell by date many years ago I had to as there was no funds for a new decent pair. I ran the Wings for Life run and completed ten kilometers but could not get any further as my knees had given in. The reason being that my running shoes were just not adequate – my old friends were now at their end.

Ange started my Back a Buddy fund to raise the money needed for running kit, therapy and mostly the expenses for the trip, the kit needed for training should have been my first priority but if I could not make it to NY there would be no need to even train. Our goal to be able to just get to New York has been tough I know without the donations of others we will not get there. I do not think properly I live day by day forgetting that yesterday was even here so all my thoughts of yesterday are gone , all the great idea to raise money …gone so all the pressure now lays upon Ange’s shoulders.

Ange surprised me and took me to a sports shop we bought a proper pair of running shoes with money from all you people. I was amazed even slept with my new shoes on, now as I write do I only realize that if it weren’t for all the people I have not seen for over ten years or people I have not met that if it weren’t for them I would not be able to live out a dream, my dream is not to run the marathon my dream is to help others to get up after they have fallen and need a hand up to show and just help  them that to live with a TBI is possible. I’m possible and I will show those in need that they are possible too.

Thank you so much to all of you ordinary people that are helping me to help others just know that it is because of you that I am able.We are so close now but we have only raised a third of the funds for this to become possible.This marathon is so important for us we cannot let this opportunity slip I also do know we cannot cover these costs and I know Ange is under enormous stress please help get me there. I need one company to sponsor I will dance on the side walk naked if I have to I can wear their logo I can get plenty of coverage. Just one good brand.



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