Realisng Time

Realising Time

At some point in our lives we stand back and look around we stare blankly into the unknown and we realise that father time has ticked on he has taken your life into his hands. Father time did not ask or tell you of this he just showed you one morning as you peer into the bathroom mirror to shave or do your face, it was too late to turn back now Father Time showed you how he had taken control, just like that. The kids had moved out of the house – five years ago, your close friend had moved on to another country, your hair had turned a different colour and there were hairs growing in the most peculiar places now. Wow what the hell happened as you ask yourself? As you turn to walk to wherever it was you wanted to go you had now forgotten but your knee hurts and you fall stupidly to the floor, this bloody knee you shout I knew it would become a problem I just didn’t expect it so soon. Actually you hurt it whilst skiing twenty five years ago and in reality it was not that soon it was a long time ago once again Father Time.

Now you start to think of how your life has been so far how have you done in your life? Were you successful, did you make enough money, was your partner happy and is your house and car what you had dreamed of is life what you expected it to be? No, no, no and no these are a quick summary of your mind as it gets back to you. Actually in reality your sub-conscious already knew the answer, long before you even asked the question. For a person to now summarize his or her life at this age is never going to be easy there will always be unanswered questions and decisions you could have made differently. The fact is this is where you are right now and nothing will ever change the past which is just that the past. No matter how hard you try now to make up for what you could never ever do many years ago is now not going to bring back damage or issues. Take this moment and stand up and just live your life right now for you then maybe you can understand that balance is such a great tool to live every day and if you fall today it is okay you just get up and try not to fall tomorrow. Learn now from those mistakes of the past and just live life to the fullest appreciate life as it is now for one day Father Time shall again appear and then it may be too late then he looks you in the eye and then you will understand… and your answers to your questions will be oops, damn. it’s too late.

Tick, tick, tick time goes by my time to raise funds is also slipping by my second payment is due and my knees are breaking due to my broken footwear as I cannot afford proper running shoes. I know I will find a way, please help me get there?

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