A New Man

A New Man – A New Time

I awoke from a two month coma as if I had woken up from a good night’s sleep and noticed my beautiful wife sitting in an old chair, why I thought why would Ange be sitting in that old chair not realising or understanding what had actually happened to me. Ange spoke quietly in a painful tone as she tried to fill me in of what had in fact taken place and where I was. I understood her words and realised I had been injured but there were no emotions or feelings I just accepted this and asked when do we go home?

Whilst I was far, far away Ange had not left my side in two months, now I was awake and talking so all would be just fine. I would arrange for my release get back to work and continue in my normal fashion work, work, work back to the drawing board. In reality this will not happen but I would not have the capacity to actually think any further of much in fact I do not or will not be able to really think in an ordinary way for a few years still. Two years later and my new tax print out reads as “disabled”. Yip disabled so there went that great idea I am now a different man – a new man. Now after two years am I only starting to think and understand the reality of my accident. I kind of get it now I know of my accident I do understand I am not the same as Ange says same, same but different. But in reality there is still not much there yet still no real recognition of why I am a new man.

This is just fine for I love life and I appreciate my life and what Ange does for me, even though I do not tell Ange of how much I really appreciate her and all she does for me I do. Thank you Ange for accepting this new man in your life as you do.  I am the same man – Same, same but different.

I love you Ange.

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