The Journey Not the Destination

The Journey Not the Destination

Ange has a saying in life which she lives and carries close to her heart; it’s the journey not the destination. I love this about Ange the way she takes the good and the bad in life and just continues on her journey, she takes the knocks and allows those nasty blows to strengthen her instead of knocking her down, Ange lives each day she does not wait to enjoy the destination she enjoys the journey. When we do go on a trip to a fabulous destination no matter how the destination turns out to be Ange has enjoyed the journey so much the destination is just a small part of a great time. In life this is so important for we just miss out or fail to see good times – they just pass us by and we miss out.

Soon I will run the New York marathon there will be a start and a finish my goal is to reach the finish line– the destination in under six hours. Seem as though I have never run more than ten kilometers in my life this may seem far-fetched well I suppose it is I will probably take longer not because I will struggle and battle to complete the many kilometers but because I will be enjoying the journey. Having said this I do know I will battle to complete each kilo after the first five but that is just fine I will allow the pain to give me strength and besides if it were easy then there would be no challenge. When it gets hard it’s never hard enough this saying which Jason my good friend carries will certainly be tested. I also have been given plenty of his recordings to listen to whilst on my journey to this exciting destination. During my run I will enjoy the many onlookers just cheering us to victory I think this will be so entertaining just observing all the observers.

I am now a new man on a new journey and my destination is not yet in mind it is there somewhere so now I enjoy the journey.

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