Sleep Wonderful Sleep

Sleep Wonderful Sleep

A while back somebody produced a song about the lack of sleep I can remember parts of it or maybe just a kind of a tune with a few words thrown in for good measure.

SLEEP – WONDERFUL SLEEP… LETS COUNT SHEEP 1..2..3..4.. that’s it folks that’s the words I remember oh and whilst these words are being sung in a very tiring voice there is the sound of a grandfather clock in the background just ticking away…tick, tick, tick. It was quite a catchy tune well I guess for about the eighties it was, the eighties um… okay let me quickly Google the eighties.

Right eighties have been Googled I know exactly what went on in the eighties I remember everything now (not really but I will pretend I did) – it was bad real bad. Long hair for men and really bad hairstyles for the ladies oh and don’t forget the cat style dress code with some freaky looking colours for the woman as well. Just for good measure we will throw in a drug problem for all, LSD and a few more. I recon all the fashion designers were on LSD at the time too maybe it was their fault that the dress code and hair style were on a different level of madness. So now I am getting away from the point of this blog my subject matter was no sleep. The time now is ten o clock in the evening and I am awake again now sitting in the lounge writing In silence I have to for Ange will wake up too and then I have a grumpy wife and that is no good they say happy wife happy life and I shall try my best to keep it that way.

Today I visited a neuro doctor so that he can try figure out what is going on in my brain hello I fell on my head on a tar road at speed, my helmet came off and I was left on the side of the road to bleed out with no oxygen, so bleeding on the brain and no oxygen to the brain two kinds of strokes just in that and then there was the initial blow. Well need I say more but seriously after the scans he tells us there is a problem black smudges all over this shall now become the discussion matter not grey matter, ha, ha. I now will be on medication for an eternity and forever which is just fine I will become a zombie Bevan the zombie. No not at all but I am going to give this my best try I have to if I do not maybe I will just live in my own world forever which is not such a bad place it is actually a fine place for me… me, myself and I. Right it is now a new day and I shall sneak back into the room to try and get some sleep for I will be running in the morning – which is now.



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