Today I Become a Machine

Today I become a Machine

A human machine – that is what I shall become for today the 31st of July 2017 I have been given a daily program for my training to complete the New York marathon. I glance through this and think wow this is going to be tough one hundred and fifty kilometers per month and then a 21km and a 32km run just for good spirit, Bevan becomes half man half machine.

This is just fine I have cheated death, spent two months deep in a coma fighting off that fiery eyed Grim Reaper well bring it on that’s what I say – when it gets too hard it’s never hard enough. Dennis Tabakin the president of Achilles South Africa came to fill me in of the depth of the NY marathon this is not just a marathon he says this is a mountain, this is a week of running. It’s not only the 42.2 kilometers I will have to run it is the other fifty thousand runners focused on the finish line it’s the two million spectators cheering you on, shouting and screaming constantly yes they are there to try get you to stand up when you fall they are there for the big show and us runners are the entertainment, we are the big show. I have TBI damaged all four quadrants of my brain my front left lobe is not completely there the scans show white matter clumped into a ball the size of a plumb yes a plumb size ball of white matter in my brain is not that bad but white is bad and the front left lobe is important – very important without the full use of this part of the brain I cannot understand most of life such as; Feelings, balance, vision, understanding, decision making… the list goes on and on one of the big problems I have is loud noise and crowds – oops crowds. The kilometers I know I will handle it is the overwhelming noise and constant crowds which will be my biggest monster so now I have to devise a plan to conquer this monster.

Well I thought crowds are okay so I go into our local Home affairs office to arrange my Identity Document well this did not fare too good ten minutes later I am running out for my life with half the people there chasing me, my son was still parking the car. ‘Dad what the …’ sorry Keegan I quickly get into his car and we go. So Dennis talks of the crowds and this is also why we will be there a week before the actual start just to get used to crowds. I am now excited and I will be ready the question is: Will NY be ready for me?

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