New York New York

New York New York

Ange and I sit around our lounge table talking to this great man. Dennis Tabakin he is President of Achilles running club South Africa Dennis will be taking us over to the New York marathon so today he will talk to us on this great event. Dennis pulls out a few albums to show us pictures of the previous times he has spent in New York City as we get fixated on these awesome pics he talks and talks not only of the marathon but of the time we will spend in New York city as a team. We will get there a week before the marathon starts just to get used to the crowds and to acclimatise ourselves with this great event.

I have heard about Dennis about the great characteristics of this man but I was not fully prepared for the next half an hour as we sit and listen to all he has done for others. Dennis has achieved so much by helping others to complete this marathon it is amazing how one man can spend so much of his life to just lift the spirits of others to help those who have been dealt a real bad hand and to be able to show them that they too can achieve great things in life. Dennis thrives on helping and guiding others the NY marathon is just a small part of all the greatness he has done for others.

Ange and I will now be privileged to get to NY to compete and complete this marathon with Dennis. I will not let the team down I will be an ambassador for South Africa and for TBI I will show others that if I can get up and be able to complete the NY marathon then they can do anything they put their mind to in life. Thank you Dennis for all you do for others and for what you are doing for me.

Some pics from Dennis’ book

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