Back to my Place of Safety

Back to my Place of Safety

Today Ange and I had to collect scans and my medical records from Milpark hospital whilst there we walked into the Oliver Tambo Trauma ward to visit the amazing staff that helped save my life two years ago. For the first time in these difficult couple of years I was happy and at ease by being there I have visited here many times in the past two years. As Ange and I talk to all the staff we share big hugs and high fives but then I start to cry I cry and cry tears of joy. Now for the first time feelings of pain and fear or terrifying moments of being trapped in an alien ship are gone. Today there were just huge moments of joy and thanks.

I get there alone for Ange is collecting scans and she might be a while All the staff want to now know is where’s Ange? ‘Hello all I was the one in the two month coma, yes me standing right in front of you’. We all laugh again it is so nice to be here now to just thank all and laugh amongst these special people.  Apparently once out of my coma I called and called for my most beautiful wife all the time the staff says, they talk to me of how I used to ask continuously for Ange not stop we all laugh as Ange was there every single day. On many an occasion they had to kick her out and force her to go home to eat and rest. Just then Ange walks in and the entire crowd turns in joy to hug and greet Ange. I am feeling all this love and happiness as I know now that Ange gave up so much to be there every day without fail. Ange became part of the staff, the furniture Ange even had her own chair and was loved by all. Ange would sit at my side asking this broken man to just please wake up. Wow!

Thank you to all the staff at the Milpark hospital especially those in the Oliver Tambo trauma ward for all that you guys do your job must so difficult and testing. Mostly thank you Ange you are most definitely my rock star I love you more than all the stars.

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