In my Life

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In my Life

As we grow we get wise… the older we get the wiser we are. Due to my accident I have both grown old and become young very young my TBI has put a hold on my growth – my mental growth. My TBI has made me wise though very wise I now understand and appreciate life so much better. I have also become older not through age through injury. My body was badly damaged from my injury it was knocked all over I counted twelve parts which really hurt and the damaged parts are from head to toe, that’s not including my brain which was the one body part most severely damaged, the one part of our body we really do not want broken or damaged.

Funny that the one part of my body most damaged is the one part which is not painful and the part which has allowed me to see life through different eyes I now appreciate all parts of life the small bits which I maybe did not see too clear before my accident. Having said this I would not wish this on anyone and to be honest life now is extremely difficult life is hard and takes me down in a split second. Just like that it drops me flat but I am strong so I get up again and again. I will get up as I have to if I do not I am beaten and I shall not be beaten. TBI shall not break me I take this injury and I get strength from it. I allow my injury to lead the way in my travels now my TBI is my satellite which is now guiding me in the direction in which I am travelling it shows many different paths up ahead and I choose on which I shall travel. All these paths will lead to the same place eventually… there are many rest stops on my new journey now I have to stop over to rest and fill up at all the available stops in the past I could bypass many of these but now I cannot. This is just fine for it allows me to stretch my legs and see the beauty around me, to take in the greatness of life more often. My amazing wife has always said it’s not the destination it’s the journey. I have always appreciated this but too seldom really lived in this manner now though life is different and I live my life this way. It is truly amazing how good life can be if we act out to what we say or believe in it is a change from within which now takes first choice – the right choice the one we should have made many years ago.

TBI was not a choice for me but I have it so I now live to its rules or I slide down hill to a deep dark pool and drown in self-pity. No ways I live each day the best I can it is hard but just fine for I am alive and strong.New York is a major step in my healing process I have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity to compete in the marathon which I am going to do. Mostly though I will be there to show the world that living with a TBI is possible. This is my road my journey I will travel it with pride I am strong I will show all of those who now live with a TBI that they can overcome this difficult injury and stand tall next to ordinary people. I am close now with raising enough money for this lifetime opportunity to become a reality please help get me there so I can show others TBI is possible.


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